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As an avid soccer player my whole life, I played on three different teams, and was on my way to playing in college.  I had suffered several concussions in the past,  but none took me out of the game for long.  Until, when I was sixteen, I suffered my 6th and my soccer career was over.

After my  initial healing that must be done following any TBI, I began cognitive rehabilitation at Community Rehab.  At the beginning I was not only struggling with difficulty in school, but I was also battling the depression that come from losing the sport that was my entire life.

This made it very difficult for me at first to have any kind of motivation to get better.  The rehab didn't seem to help.  But the cognitive therapists there never gave up on me, while I had no faith in myself.  They sat with me everyday and repeated the rules for activities until I understood. They congratulated me on small accomplishments, and they were ultimately the reason that I re-learned how to push myself in school and in life.  I was at Community Rehab for 6 months, but had to continue my work outside of the center until I graduated from high school.  I didn't see the merits of this injury until I was removed from it; but now I can say I am so grateful I went through this, and I'm even more thankful that I had such an amazing and healing group of cognitive therapists as my support network.

I wrote my senior thesis on cognitive rehabilitation and concussions in adolescents.  I'm a soccer coach, and because I stopped playing I've had the opportunity to take a year off of school and travel around Europe doing volunteer work. 

Thank you everyone at community rehab for the help you gave me, I am forever indebted to you.

Silva Titterington