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Our vision is a highly collaborative resource in our community supported by the Brain Injury Association of Oregon and all who are interested in Brain Injury. Please feel free to stop by the office during regular business hours. 911 Country Club Road, #390.  (9:00 am to 12:oo or 1:00 to 5:00 pm). Your support and suggestions are deeply appreciated.


  • Supporting Employment for Adults With Acquired Brain Injury.

  • Common Components of Treatment Plans For Adult AD/HD.

  • Simplified Brain Behavior Relationships.

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  • Johnson, Glen: 

    • Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide, Clinical Director of The Neuro-Recovery Head Injury Program 5123 North Royal Dr., Traverse City, MI 49684

  • Bouncing Back from Injury.

  • Kroll, Ken:

    • Enabling Romance: A Guide to Love, Sex, Relationships for People With Disabilities. or

  • The HID Coping Series.  PO Box 131401, Huston, TS 77213.   1-800-321-7037

  • Swiercinsky, Dennis:

    • Normal Again: Redefining Life with Brain Injury, iUnivrse, Inc., 5220 S. 16th St. #200, Lincoln, NE 68512.

  • WSU Head Injury Research Program. Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, Professor of Psychology, 509- 335-0170,,