CRSO is a client-centered and community based program which provides medical rehabilitation services for persons with acquired brain injuries and vocational services.   CRSO is dedicated to supporting clients and their families in their recovery process, as well as with integration into the community and vocational realm.

The CRSO team of professionals provide individualized programs focusing on:

  • Identifying barriers to independence and employment.
  • Involvement of family, physicians and significant others in the development and implementation of the treatment plan and /or vocational services.
  • Promoting self-confidence and self-esteem during a difficult life transition.
  • Providing functional, cost-effective treatment including Speech Therapy/cognitive rehabilitation, psychological assessment,  psychotherapy,  and speech/language/cognitive assessment.
  • Developing self-awareness and coping skills to promote increased self-sufficiency.
  • Supporting clients in their vocational placements and community based assessments,  which focus on the client's strengths and interests.
  • Providing educational materials to clients, families, employers, and the community specific to various disabilities.
  • Supporting individuals in the pursuit of their vocational interests.

  • Case Management
  • Community Based  Work Assessments
  • Job Retention Support 
  • Speech/Language/Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Speech/Language/Cognitive Assessments
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychological Assessments




CRSO now has library materials and resources for families, community members, survivors and professional organizations to disseminate information and advocate for brain injured individuals.


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